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Course Description

This course will examine the impact of disease on the population in and surrounding Mwandi, Zambia.  We will begin the course in Zambia during the month of July-August and conclude with meetings in the Fall Semester.  The syllabus outlines the course requirements and grading.

Required Readings

Epstein, H. 2008. The Invisible Cure: Why we are losing the fight against AIDS in Africa.

Choice of  either:

  • Kristof, ND and WuDunn, S. 2010.  Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide.
  • Steinberg, J. 2010. Sizwe’s Test: A Young Man’s Journey Through Africa’s AIDS Epidemic

Course Requirements & Projects

Internship Experience in Mwandi

  1. Each student will participate in hospital and clinic rotations while in Mwandi.  Daily experiences should be recorded in a journal.
  2. Evening discussions in Mwandi will include sharing of daily internship experiences, as well as project work.
  3. Individual project in Mwandi – Each student will develop an individual project for Mwandi experience.  This project will be done in addition to the hospital and clinic experiences and group project, but may involve aspects of any or all of these.  The project should revolve around a specific question or topic related to healthcare in Zambia.
  4. Fall semester work – Class discussions will focus on reflections of the experience in Zambia and the individual student projects.


20%  Participation in discussions (at Davidson and in Mwandi)

20%  Digital photo essay

20%  Solutions presentations

40%  Project discussion and paper