Cubs watch and learn

The two lionesses featured in my earlier blogs were great mothers, as well as accomplished hunters. The lionesses gave birth to numbers of litters during their lifetimes. Their cubs learned valuable lessons from their moms, allowing many of them to survive and to become successful hunters as adults. Indeed, many of the lionesses’ offspring areContinue reading “Cubs watch and learn”

Protecting what is theirs

Lion prides face many challenges beyond bringing down their prey. After a kill, they must remain vigilant to prevent other animals, such as hyenas, jackals, and vultures, from taking away the entire carcass or pieces of it. The two experienced lionesses, who were the subjects of my earlier blogs, had a number of strategies toContinue reading “Protecting what is theirs”

Lionesses’ Hunting Prowess

Two mornings after the waterbuck encounter between the lioness and crocodile, we returned to Chobe National Park and found that the two lionesses had successfully hunted during the night. They and their cubs were feeding by the river on a sable antelope. Lions have a hunting success rate of about 25% according to ThisContinue reading “Lionesses’ Hunting Prowess”